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jamaica blue mountain coffee logo100% Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) is the most sought after gourmet coffee in the world.  JBM Coffee's legendary sweetness or ultra low-acid flavor profile combined with its smooth robust flavor and heavenly aroma makes JBM Coffee the most appreciated coffee in the world. Exactly why this is the case is in large part due to the skill and incredibly hard work with which it is cultivated by its Jamaican growers and processors, the unique conditions under which it grows, and the strict and rigorous standards applied in its certification.  Each of Precious Provisions' Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee shipments (100% pure) is individually approved by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (a.k.a. the Jamaican Coffee Board) and rated as Export Grade 1, the best rating for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

JBM Coffee beans are produced by coffee trees that were planted initially during the time Christopher Columbus first visited the New World, or more properly, his landings on the island of Jamaica starting in 1494.  The richness of JBM coffee that arises from the maturity of this coffee stock is combined with the influence of the clean, fresh trade winds that caress the island, ensuring ample sun and cool, moist micro-climates that characterize Jamaica's Blue Mountains and nurture the low-acidity of this coffee.  As one can see, there is much surrounding the celebration of JBM's fine qualities!

Precious Provisions is proud to continue this celebration, and brings JBM to your table through our online selection seen below which includes Peaberry and Decaf options.  For many, it is difficult or impossible to find fresh JBM in their local community, as it is with us in Austin, Texas, USA.  Hence, our motivation is to bring fresh 100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to you all who wish to enjoy life, and enjoy the world's finest coffee at affordable prices.

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