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Coffee Standards

In Jamaica, the state Coffee Industry Board has authorized only four bean pulperies to buy cherries (the correct designation) and process them as Blue Mountain coffee. Wallenford Estate is the most senior and distinguished member of this select quartet -- and the only factories that roast the berries and produce and package a consumer product.

As such, Precious Provisions insists on Wallenford Estate as their exclusive distributor. Connoisseurs and distinguished coffeehouses throughout the world have recognized this trademarks -- spanning nearly eight decades -- for their quality and fierce demand throughout the world. The remainder of the coffee is allocated to professional roastmasters who meticulously roast selected beans to a medium roast. This premier label defines perfection -- insisting upon consistency, hand-picking, and the nurturing of every bean it packages. Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is unequivocally: the finest and most satisfying coffee on Earth. And we, at Precious Provisions continue this tradition by bringing Export Grade 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain directly to the consumer.


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