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Coffee and Tea Tips

Coffee Tips:
Coffee aficionados agree. The taste of pure Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is wonderfully exotic -- a balanced medley of fleeting richness, sweetness and tempered acidity. But -- it is the lingering experience and haunting aftertaste that still defies description. Today, 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain maintains its rank as the world’s most sought-after coffee…the coffee experience beyond compare.

  • For best results, coffee should be brewed using a drip pot, cafetiere or percolator. Use 2 level tablespoons of ground coffee per 8-oz. serving. Add more or less coffee to suit your individual taste.
  • Once brewed coffee should be consumed within the hour for best taste.
  • Coffee must never be allowed to boil.
  • To maintain freshness of coffee, store in an airtight container. To open package, use clean scissors. To reseal, roll down the flaps as tightly as possible and re-close with a clip or clothes pin.  Re-store in a properly sealed container for extra protection from air and moisture.


Tea Tips:
Some basic instructions regarding tea brewing can be as follows:

  • For best results, use about one teaspoon of tea for each cup to be brewed.
  • Pour just-boiled hot water (about 200˚F) into the tea pot or cup where the tea leaves are.  (A tea strainer is optional).
  • Steep for 3 to 5 minutes to suit taste.
  • Tea can be served hot, chilled, or iced.
  • Honey, turbinado sugar, or stevia can be added as sweeteners.



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